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In Sync With Technology

In Sync With Technology

Road safety is one of the issues which has turned into a global concern. Going by the staggering statistics, 1.35 million people are killed on roadways around the world which makes it one of the top reasons for mortality. From rash driving to automobile defects, everything counts as a reason for the loss of human life. And so, after trying, testing and not-so-much succeeding with the conventional techniques, now is the time when new methods need to be worked upon and implemented, so as to reduce the life-loss and/or damage.

Be it in-built airbags or auto-alerting systems, be it in-built accidental protection equipments or geo-tagging and controlling systems, all of these are being incorporated to make sure that the alarming number of deaths due to automobile accidents reduces. With the advent of newer technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) or the rise of nanotechnology, several news pathways have been paved to accomplish the desired goal. Not only this, the confluence of traditional knowledge and modern techniques has revolutionized the entire domain of automobile safety and security. And one such amazing gadgetry is the use of RFID systems of RFID tagging.

Haven’t heard about RFID before? What is tagging? From which companies can these be ordered and/or purchased? Worry not, for we are here to address all these questions to the best of our knowledge. To satiate your curiosity, just read on!

What Is RFID?

RFID or Radio-frequency identification is one of the modern techniques that involves an automatic identification method. This method enables the user to retrieve the data stored in the RFID tags or transponders, remotely. From tracking animals for statistical analysis to identification of a person/entity, the usability of such tagging techniques is wide-ranging. Also, since these uses radio-wave technology, the tags can be accessed, read, and analyzed from a far-off distance, beyond the line of sight.

Use Of RFID In The Automobile Industry

RFID technology is still under a lot of research and development. However, when talking about the automobile industry, it is being used at various places for achieving the desired targets. These include: –

• Equipment and Tool Tracking

• Remote Sensing

• Theft Prevention

• Safety Compliance to Prevent Accidents and Other Mishappenings

• Shipping Tracking / Transportation And Logistics Tracking

• Restocking of Supplies

• Automatic Challan Systems

• RFID-Based Parking System

Besides these, many other futuristic solutions are being researched and worked upon, alongside attempting to improve the existing systems and technology.

Fundamentals Of A Basic RFID System

So after a basic introduction to RFID and the associated technology, it is very important to know about the fundamentals of the Radio Frequency Identification Systems.

There are basically 2 types of RFID systems, namely passive and active, depending on the type of components used in them. However, even though the operational sate of different components may vary, the basic functioning still remains the same.   

An RFID system is generally made of / comprises of 2 main parts or components i.e., a reader, a transceiver (with decoder), and a transponder or a tag.

An RFID Reader, which is basically an antenna or a coil sensitive to radio waves, is used to detect the presence of an RFID Tag in the surrounding and then read the data stored on it. One the other hand, the transponder or the tag, which is embedded in smaller items like cards, buttons, or tiny capsules or any other paraphernalia, which generates the required signals for the receiver to detect.

Below given are some common frequencies which are used for RF tagging along with their specific usability.




Low Frequency (120-150 kHz)

“Chips/microchips” (in veterinary applications), prox cards, HID cards (both trade names)

Up to 20 cm/ < 1 foot

High Frequency (13.56 MHz)

MiFare, NFC

Up to 1 meter

Ultra High Frequency (433 MHz, 860-920 MHz)

Long-range RFID, powered RFID

Up to 100 meters

So now that you are aware of the basics of RFID and its high-end usability, it is time for you to experience the power it beholds, and for the same, we at Gifola are always there to help you.

Gifola Innovation Technologies is working in the field of access management system where humans can have a seamless drive through/walkthrough in any society/mall/parking/offices with the help of an application-driven by RF Technology, which would make their visit easily accessible and secure. Do visit the website for more information and/or contact us on the email provided therein.

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